Smart Grid

Informatics for Smart Energy Grids Los Angeles Smart Grid Demonstration Project

About the DoE sponsored LA Smart Grid project.

Demand response is an area that focuses on enabling electricity customers manage their consumption during peak demand periods. There are different strategies such as variable pricing and other incentives that are being investigated to realize load curtailment. The rapid growth in demand for energy is beginning to strain the current infrastructure, potentially threatening the stability of electric grids. In this project, we are looking at different optimization techniques to manage and regulate consumption. Our research focuses in the areas of semantic Web, Integration and analysis of high throughput data, large scale and distributed computing, and social computing. As an emerging yet critical area of research, this project offers excellent scope for innovation and research for research faculty and graduate students.This part of the project lead by Prof.Viktor Prasanna and Dr. Yogesh Simmhan from the Dept of Electrical Engineering, and Carol Fern from Facilities and Management Services.